Harvest Full Moon Tonight & How To Prepare

I love full moons, they are full of healing power and detoxing that make us stronger and wiser in the end! The Fall equinox aka the Harvest Full Moon is one of my favorites. Here is what o expect and how to prepare!

Full Moon in Pisces: healing, sharing intimacy with all of humanity, seeing beyond the surface of things, symbolic language and imagery, fantasy and escape, addiction, lost souls, the vast unknown, loss of Self, sacrifice or devotion, unconditional love.

This Full Moon illuminates: the depth of meaning in relationships and events; the wider mystery of why we’re here; how we’re merged as humans; the power of the collective heart impulse; divinely inspired creative ideas, chances to be a comfort in a dark time; vivid dreams of other realms and lives.

It’s a Good Time to: feast on spiritual nourishment; start volunteering with children, animals, the elderly and vulnerable; get lost in your own imagination!; keep the schedule clear for daydreaming; take a long healing soak, or swim in the ocean; spend time past the monkey mind (in meditation or a walk in nature); go to the theatre or the cinema; see yourself as an infinite being; speak from the heart; let yourself feel deeply; be with those you love.