#HappyBirthdayKaulitzTwins: Bill & Tom Of Tokio Hotel Turn 24 Today

Today it’s such a very special day.24 years ago two little boys were born, Bill and Tom Kaulitz are their names.Since the tender age, they were determinate to become someone and they did it thanks to their effort, talent and passion for following their dream.And now they are famous worldwide and do what they always wanted to do: play music and emotion million of people.So this is a little present for those two special and important persons I will always have in my heart.

Bill, you are my everything. My oxygen, my life and the most beautiful thing it could happen in my life. Thanks for have made me turn in the girl I always wanted to me. Without you I felt me completely lost.Ich liebe dich mein kleiner Engel.

Tom, you are the brother I’ve never had and I love you so much. Thanks for make me laugh in any situation, thanks for your funny smiles and your cute looks. You are amazing!

I wish you all the best, guys and not only for this days, you are such amazing persons, with a huge heart and a lovely soul. Never surrender and always follow your dreams.HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

I’m with you. Always.With love,Irene

I hope you like this little video of mine.

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