Freedom In My Soul

Freedom is everything what we need to stay alive. We can be happy without any worries and stupid thoughts or things around us. I think that we can learn a lot from a little kids, they don’t know hate, just true love.

Do you know how to discover yourself and realize dreams? I think a lot about it when I close my eyes or I cry. I’m a dreamer and I want to make this world easier and better. I don’t want to hear about any war, pain or violation. But you know that in reality isn’t so easy.

I know that I shouldn’t add this blog here but it’s me, I’m a forbidden girl and no one can change me. But I don’t want to break any rule, just give a little signal that the world is not about fashion or music. You know that often I write about bullying, eating disorders because these topics are like a taboo.

I want to be free but I feel like in horrible cage. I counting my last days on Buzznet and it makes me so sad that I’ll must to leave everyone here. The worse b-day gift in every January. But during my last month’s, I’ll want to give you many hope and love in my blogs.

And about my art: I write the next story on contest but I don’t know if I have any chance. And I trying to write new lyrics. But I’m worried that these don’t have any sense. With my private life is worse and fighting is hard.

I don’t know what will bring future to me but you will always in my heart and I’ll support everyone who needs talk or something like it.