Falling Head Over Heels In Love With The 1975

It’s no secret that The 1975 are amazing, but did you know that I wasn’t too crazy about them the very first time I heard them? It took me a while to really grasp what they were trying to convey, but I’m glad I got on board, especially after listening to “fallingforyou” back in May and learning that they’re heavily influenced by 80’s nostalgia. The band’s first initial mission was to have people fall in love with them slowly, then all at once. Mission complete, boys!

So you’ve probably seen numerous blogs about The 1975 from either myself or @sarascoggins and you’re probably saying “Ok, we get it. They’re amazing. Blah blah” but I just can’t help feeling all giddy whenever I listen to their self-titled debut album, which blends 80’s pop, synth and rock n’ roll for a perfect taste of musical perfection. This album makes me excited for music again and hopeful for a Pretty In Pink remake.

The band’s influences are duly noted, with songs reminiscent of OMD, Tears For Fears, Joy Division and M83, I am in 80’s heaven…and you all know how much I love my synth! Of course lyrical content is just as important. I found myself tearing up at the first line of “Robbers.”

“She had a face straight out of a magazine. God only knows, but you’ll never leave her”

This hidden track off of their Sex EP, “Milk,” reminds me of M83’s “Graveyard Girl.”

As I sat on my bedroom floor this past weekend with my headphones on, my heart was really heavy. I was trying to process my thoughts on a current situation and I just couldn’t seem to find any leeway. The 1975’s album helped me turn off my nagging thoughts for almost an hour. Sometimes it’s nice to not think about anything for a while and we get to do that just by pressing play. While music can help us sort out our emotions, it can also help us escape from the things that terrify us. All we can do to repay these bands is by going to their shows and putting their names out there.

This one gives me so many feels.

So, as my ongoing love affair with The 1975 continues, expect more blogs and music from this British dream coming your way! Also, when is Jamie from The xx going to remix “Menswear?” 😉

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