Fall in love with…Pizza! Happy National Pizza Day Y’all

It’s national pizza day. May my heart be filled with joy. I will certainly be celebrating the existence of my one true soulmate. Pizza has always been there for me, no matter how broke, hungry and battered down I may feel. It loves me even when I’m not wearing make up and in my sweatpants. Actually, it likes me better when I wear sweatpants and curl up on my couch. Our relationship just feels right – sitting on the couch alone together watching Law and Order SVU. Oh how I love you pizza!

To show my love and appreciation for all things pizza (particularly buffalo chicken pizza, man am I the worst Italian) here are some must-have items. If I could wear my love for pizza on my sleeve every day (or around my neck) I would.

Fresh Tops Pizza Crop

Lazy Oaf Pizza Necklace

Clash Pizza Beanie

O Mighty Pizza Shirt

Shirts for a Cure Hail Pizza Shirt

Pizza My Heart Patch via Etsy

Society 6 Pizza Tote

And of course, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention how much Candy Hearts LOVES pizza collectively and all of our pizza merch.

Candy Hearts Galactic Pizza Shirt

Candy Hearts 3D Pizza Cat Tank Top

What’s your favorite kind of pizza or your favorite pizza related merch?