Fall In Love With: Tribute To Love

Love is the most beautiful thing in this world and no one can change it. I like when around us are stuffs connected with this true feeling. And I believe that love is inspiration for everyone and we should to respect this gift.

I believe that Fred Stobaugh can be called hero. We live to fast and we forget about the most precious things but his story and song reminder us how much means a true love.

Fred Stobaugh is 96- year-old man and he becomes oldest artist to appear on Billboard “Hot 100”. Right now he is 42 🙂 And a few days ago he was too on iTunes Top 10. But I think that the charts are not valid. Why? Because he wrote one of the best songs in this world, called “Oh Sweet Lorraine” and thanks wonderful support from the studio he recorded it, tribute to love of his wife.

“Fred Stobaugh, a 96-year-old man from East Peoria, Ill., entered a song-writing contest held by the town’s Green Shoe Studio earlier this summer. Fred’s entry was unique, in that this was an online contest. He read about it in a newspaper and mailed his submission the old fashioned way, in a large manila envelope. Inside was a love story in the form of a simple song, a tribute to his recently deceased wife, Lorraine, with whom he’d spent 75 years.” – via nbcnews.com

What do you think about this touchg song?