Fall In Love With: Positivity (A Guide To Staying Positive)

I know I am probably not the best person to be handing out the positivity pamphlets. I tend to be rather weepy and sad and everything makes me angry. I don’t really know why I am this way but Lady Gaga taught me that I’m on the right track baby, I was born this way. Is that an outdated reference now? IDEK.

Anyway, since I don’t like feeling awful all the time, I have a few tricks up my sleeve to turn my frowns up side down. Let’s talk about:

~ Staying Positive ~

Look, staying positive is hard. I am the first person to scream out loud that I hate everything and everything sucks. The thing is, thinking like that snowballs in my mind and I can get very negative very quickly. I can’t stay mad though because if you stay upset, everything turns into a bucket of no fun. Imagine being at food? That would not be cool bro. I need to stay positive so that I might eat chocolate and stuff my face with tasty treats.

And so how do you stay positive in a world that you think constantly sucks and never ceases to disappoint? Well, I don’t know what will work for you but I know what works for me. Instead of telling you that you need to do this or that, I can tell you what works for me in the hopes that it makes some sense to you. Maybe, just maybe, if someone like me can stay positive, maybe you can too.

Know Thyself

Finding out who I am is a constant journey. Who I am changes constantly and my therapist and I know why that is but I can’t really get into that here. The main thing about finding out about me is that I know what I like and what I don’t like so that I can either enjoy the things I love and keep clear of the things that set me off. It’s a process but it’s worth it.

Stay Active

Doing stuff like going on walks, running, riding my bici or going to the gym help me not be as depressed as usual. I’m also not as angry after I do something physical, so that’s awesome. And going to the gym makes me hawt so yay!


Hobbies are a way of honing (__insert feelings here__) into something productive. Rather than just sitting there and thinking about how much I hate everything, I draw, take selfies, go on photography walks, read, and a whole host of other things that keep me from banishing my thoughts to the Dungeon of the Doldrums.

Listen To Music

Okay so listening to music can be either awesome or depressing. All I am saying is that you should listen to stuff that makes you feel good about yourself instead of listening to The Cure‘s Disintegration on a loop as you sit in the dark. Trust me, I’ve done that and it isn’t as awesome as it sounds (but it kind of is).

Recognize Your Feels & Deal

I am not saying that is never okay to be sad. Sometimes you just need to let the ocean of your feels crash into your No-Face and go with the tide. That’s okay! The only thing is that you you should recognize “why” you feel like that and think about what exactly is making you feel that way.

Maybe You Should Not With the Substances

I like beer. I also like wine. Sometimes I will even partake of the occasional mixed drink. The thing is, I do not do those things when I am feeling super shitty because those things are depressants and they make me extra sad/angry + drunk. That is not a good combo. I have mostly learned how to be an adult when I drink because I am no longer a spring chicken and I don’t want to get fat. I also like being in control of my emoshunz. I don’t like being a hot ass mess that’s ugly crying in a dark alley on a Friday night behind a gay bar as two bears make out on a pile of trash next to me.


My friends are acca-mazing and have helped me through some tough times and I have rewarded them with pie. Hopefully you have a support system of friends (IRL or on the interwebz) that you can talk to and get a fresh perspective on things. I am always here for chats on the internet. It’s fun!

Get Away

I know giant travel trips are probably not feasible for the vast majority but I am not talking about that. Well, not entirely but still. Sometimes I just need to get away from things, even if it’s just like, down to the park with Moo. Getting out of town is preferred but it’s hard since I don’t drive and all the places I want to go cost a lot of money. Whatever, sometimes I am able to and it’s awesome.

I know life is hard. Hopefully you are on your way to figuring out just what makes you keep a smile on your face. If you ever need to chat, I am here for you. I will bring you pie. And I will try to make you laugh by telling you bad jokes and stuff.


How do you stay positive?