Fall In Love With: Dexter

I have to say it: I love DEXTER.

And I have to thank my lovely friend Kat for have adviced it to watch this amazing tv show she loves too.

You know, here in Italy sometimes tv show schudeles really suck! If a tv show starts to be aired in prime time, sometimes after few episodes, they choose to put it in the late evening (something like at 11pm) or they choose to change channel… so it’s pretty stressing to follow a show sometimes and for this reason I missed few of them just like happened for DEXTER.

But luckily this year Italian tv started to re-run the show since the beginning and so I started to follow it.

The first three seasons have been broadcast at the beginning of the year and I was completely addicted, just for let you know how much I was, almost every night after have watched DEXTER I dreamed about the show hahah

The addiction was officially started.

Then they stopped it for few months and finally on September 1st, they started again with SEASON 4, Kat said me that’s her favorite one, and honestly I’m already loving it.

This is the theme of the tv show and I simply love it.

For who didn’t know what DEXTER is, I’m going to recap the story without spoilering anything for who never watched it and would like to do after have read this blog of mine.

So… Dexter Morgan is a blood spatter pattern analyst of the Miami Scientific Departement, apparently a nice guy, but with a double-life. In fact, he’s also a serial killer who punishes evil people, he has this sort of instinct that can’t control when happen and he needs to kill.

It’s something he’s always had and thanks to his adopted father, Harry, a policeman, which saved him when he was 3, he helps Dexter to control this instinct and teaches him how he has to act in this kind of situation, he teaches him a code to follow.

Dexter doesn’t prove any feelings and his social life isn’t really full beside the work and his nocturnal life.

He has a step-sister Debra, which’s also in the police departement and a sort of relationship with Rita, a divorced woman with two children which was subjected to the act of violences of her ex-husband, a drug and alchol abuser, now in prison.

Dexter will be involved in some investigations that are the keystone of each season and it’s linked especially with the very first one… ok, I won’t to say you more…

The tv show is based on Jeff Lindsay’s novel “Darkly Dreaming Dexter” that I’m reading right now… but only the first season follows the novel, the other ones are different…

There are also other five books about Dexter adventures that I advice you to read too…

I love this show because is completely different to the usual ones, it’s brilliant, original, funny, ironic, there are such amazing dialogues and the characters are so great.

I wanna leave you with few of my fav quotes of the show:

Michale C. Hall plays Dexter role

Jennifer Carpenter plays Debra role, Dexter’s sis.

She’s amazing! I love her and her “refined” speech XD

Are you a Dexter lover too?

Which’s your favorite character?