Fall In Love With Dear Boy

About a year ago, I got together for dinner with one of my closest friends Austin Hayman to catch up on what’s next in our lives. He mentioned he joined a new LA based band called Dear Boy playing guitar and that they have all this exciting stuff in the works such as recording, collabs with other artists, playing shows and all the other things it takes to start a new band. After the devlopment phase of the band, Dear Boy got it’s gears into motion and have started making a name for themselves in the pop indie rock world. With a recent month long residency at The Bootleg in LA, released their first EP this month, music video premiere and having their single “Oh So Quiet” hitting LA’s Famous KROQ Radio Station, I’d say they are off to a great start. I asked Dear Boy guitarist Austin Hayman a few questions about the band below, take a peek and give them a listen!

Left to right: Keith Cooper (drums) Ben Grey (lead vocals, guitar) Nils Bue (bass) Austin Hayman (guitar)

How did the name Dear Boy come about?

Austin Hayman: A lot of people speculated that its borrowed from the great Paul McCartney track, but it’s a little more cosmic than that. A waitress in London casually referred to Ben as a “Dear Boy” after talking to him for a minute…And we all just kind of knew that was it.

Dear Boy has officially been a band for a year. Any special highlights so far?

AH: I’d have to say this residency at Bootleg is up there. Last September Ben and I went to see our now friends, Kitten, for the first time at their residency and watched it grow every week. We said to each other “We need to do that.” At the time everything was behind the curtain, we hadn’t played a show or released a track. But it’s really special that a year to the date we are doing the residency we were romanticizing about and getting an overwhelming response.

You just released a new EP, what song is your favorite off the record?

AH: I think I have to say “Oh So Quiet”. It’s the single that we just did a video for and it’s going over really well. It’s very representative of what we are doing. It’s also been getting a fair amount of radio play here in LA, which of course is thrilling.

What’s next for Dear Boy in the coming months/ year?

AH: It might sound crazy because we released a record two weeks ago but we are all really excited about the new material we’ve been writing, we’ve got a lot of songs that we’ve been demoing that we are all really proud of. But aside from that, some scattered shows along the west coast are being planned for the fall.

What music are you currently falling in love with?

AH: I recently discovered a British band called White Lies. Their key track “There Goes Our Love Again” has been in my head for weeks and I’m not mad about it. Definitely worth checking out.

So far at the band’s LA residency they’ve had guest appearances from Kitten singer Chloe Chaidez and AFI front man Davey Havok. If you live in the LA area you can catch their last show at The Bootleg this coming Monday September 30th at 10PM and it’s free!

Are you a fan of Dear Boy?

What band’s are you currently falling in love with?

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