Fall In Love With: 10 Baby Animals That Are Sleepier Than You

Today is rainy and gross and hot outside. Tomorrow is Friday. That means today ISN’T Friday. Things are looking dismal. I’m tired, I’m hungry and I don’t want to be working. You feel? I’m sure you do. We are all tired. I am so tired. I’m always so tired… i almost drifted off to sleep there.

If you’re ever feeling that horrible mid-day, oh my god I need a nap more than I ever needed anything in my life feeling, I sympathize. But to make you feel better, here are 10 animals that need a coffee more than you.

1. This little kitten

2. This dog that is falling asleep at his desk

3. This puppy who can’t get out of bed

4. This puppy who fell asleep on the couch

5. This kitty who doesn’t want to get up early and go to work

6. This puppy who fell asleep watching tv

7. This baby sloth

8. This pug who tried to get up but then said nevermind

9. This cat that can’t hold his head up

10. This cat that just can’t

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