EXCLUSIVE Premiere: Tommy & The High Pilots Live At Studio Delux

Tommy & The High Pilots are quickly gaining our admiration; especially after we was them play Hollywood’s The Roxy Theater earlier this week. Today we have a special exclusive that showcases how talented these guys truly are. Tommy & The High Pilots recently took part in a Live At Studio Delux session to show fans what it’s really like be in a recording studio. The band worked with the talented Matt Wallace on this project — and we think you will LOVE the outcome.

Here’s what producer Matt Wallace told us about working with the talented band.

“Having worked with Tommy & The High Pilots on their outstanding album, “Only Human”, it seemed like a natural progression to get them back into the studio to record and film them. The resulting performances are proof that there are still a few bands who can actually sing and play their instruments and I was thrilled to participate in the capturing of these stunning live performances. Witness their genius and then tell your friends.”

And what did front man Tommy Cantillon think of the experience?

“Getting back into Studio Delux with Matt (Wallace) to cut some of the ‘Only Human’ songs live was super exciting for us.It’s funny how after recording a song and putting it out, you can still find things that work differently or better for the live version. We’ve added an extended, more subdued intro to “Somebody Make a Move”. It helps the dramatic vibe of those first verses and adds a bigger punch when the full band finally kicks in. It’s been cool to play live this way and the fans have been reacting great to it, so we wanted to share it here.” – Tommy Cantillon

Take a look at “Somebody Make a Move” live in studio. You can pick up Tommy & The High Pilots album, Only Human out now.

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What do you think of the video?

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