EW WHY? Justin Bieber’s Wispy Mustache And Nic Cage On The “Wrecking Ball”

Per usual there are many things this week that have caused me to make the classic I Love Lucian sound of “illlllllllllll”. Things that shake me to my core until I realize that life is a giant circus and I give up:

FIRST UP: Justin Bieber’s Fashion Week mustache. 🙁 Never a good sign when you can count the individual strands that make up a body of hair. Like Homer Simpson’s two strings desperately clinging on, this 19-year-old has successfully made himself look twelve all over again. Head over to The Cut for an in-depth analysis.

Gird your loins for this one. If Miley’s nuditay wasn’t upsetting enough, how about Nicolas Cage grinding on the “Wrecking Ball” instead?

This one is more of an “EW WHY DIDN’T THIS HAPPEN EARLIER?” We’ve been waiting years for another triumphant return by Mz. Spears. Will “Work B**ch” include another trademark phrase ala “It’s Britney, bitch”?

Just when Lilo was starting to pick up the pieces her mom went and got a DUI. #SMH #:(

Nicole Kidman got knocked da fu$# down by a paparazzi on a bike! See more pictures here. I’D BE SO MAD.


Is there anything that has rendered YOU speechless this week?

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