Etsy Star: Epic Unicorn Horns By Firefly Path

Seeing how MoonBabies lit up when I posted a pic of myself with a unicorn horn made me wanna introduce you the maker of these magical circlets – my beautiful friend Jo Ellen Elam, also known as Firefly Path.

I have blogged about her before, but she really deserves another post. Not often do I come across people truly out of this world in the best sense of it. Jo Ellen is a professional costume designer, mostly designing for people with a love for fantasy, but I love rocking her horn circlets with my platform shoes and a ripped tee just as much as a well-put-together outfit.

Check out all the different colors that the horns come in over in the gallery and her Etsy Shop.

Which one is your favorite?

We also have a giveaway coming on FaceBook, so stay tuned:)



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