Emerging Talent: Interview With Iiris

Iiris Vesik is wonderful singer-songwriter from Estonia. I was so honored to interview her.

“Iiris is an artist who is born to be on stage. Wherever she`s been, wherever she`s performed, audience has been left in awe:

“What time is it? Did I miss the first bands playing tonight? Iiris is owning the stage like a headlining act.” (The Reykjavik Grapevine)

“Iiris is in search of strange soundscapes and alt-rock with delicately bold vocals, and it works.” (NME blog)

“The band’s intense energy and interdynamics, as well as Iiris’s (lead vocals) bubbly personality and control of the stage set an extraordinary tone for the rest of the evening.” (Nutflicks)

“Iiris was out of this world. She was full of confidence and sparked the joy of being onstage. (Soundi)

Iiris has been compared to many of the greats – Björk, Kate Bush, Regina Spektor and even Florence & The Machine, but she`s always managed to remain original and unique. Her vocals sound hypnotic and fairy-like, she can be commanding and agressive, but when she sits down behind her piano and bares it all – you cannot help but to surrender to this Estonian girl`s talent & beauty.”- via iirismusic.com

1. For those who haven’t heard of Iiris, how would you describe yourself?

Iiris: Electronic dream-pop with hip-hop beats.

2. At the end of August you released “Chinaberry Girl” EP. Could you say something more about this album?What inspires you to record “Chinaberry”?

Iiris: Chinaberry Girl was inspired by upcoming journeys. I understood at one moment that I needed to become more independent and self-sufficient. It felt a bit lonely so Chinaberry Girl ended up a bit lonely and morphing. It’s about transformation and Chinaberry Girl is the first level.

3. Iiris, you performed two times in the Easti Laul, would you like to represent your country at the Eurovision Song Contest in future?

Iiris: Why not, if I got the right song.

4. Your songs are powerful. What inspires you to making music?

Iiris: Stories and emotions inspire me. I’ve always felt like I’ve been more of a performer than a songwriter, the stage is my escape, but making my own songs allows me to create my own experience of it. I’m an emotion-junkie, but I want to choose my own emotions. Also from early on I realized that you can have loads of talent as a singer and a performer but it doesn’t matter if you’re not singing the right songs. It’s all about the songs in the end of the day. At the moment I’m really inspired by pop-hooks and beats – I think it’s fascinating that there are some buttons in all of us that respond similarly to pop-music and good pop songs actually are scientifically proven to be satisfying – when the balance between of what you can guess and the unexpected is correct in a song then it releases dopamine in your brain. But the songs I love the most have something special in them- which you can recognize early on.

5. What did your first album “The Magic Gift Box” meant to you? What is your favorite song from this album and why?

Iiris: The Magic Gift Box is basically about the unique talent that everyone has and can find if they search deeply in themselves. It was my first album and my first attempt to find it and to start opening it. I think I got a peek in, but it’s definitely just a tiny slight opening in the box and it’s far from being fully discovered or opened. My favorite song off of it is Glimmering (which happens to be the last song I wrote for it).

6. When did you know that you wanted to be a singer? Do you remember your first experience in music journey?

Iiris: My parents told me that when I was 2 years old or something like that I told them with clear conviction that I’m going to be a musician. I don’t remember my first experience in music journey, but i think it was with a children choir. I do remember the first time I went to a recording studio to sing solo for the children choir when I was 6 and sang something about christmas-dwarves and sausages, the recording should still be out there somewhere. Also I remember the first times I tried to write a song – it was basically new lyrics for Nelly Furtado’s “I’m like a bird”, but it was “I’m like a lizard”. I wish someone would have told me early on that it’s okay to borrow ideas when you’re learning and that you don’t have to be a child-prodigy. I was rushing all my childhood.

7. What do you like doing in your free time?

Iiris: I get lost in tumblr too much lately, i used to collect pictures from magazines but to have limitless amounts of pictures in the internet and to have an ever-going collage, ugh I get lost. My most favorite thing though is to listen to music and dream/dance. I also love scribbling down pictures, reading and playing beautiful video games (for example Ni No Kuni). Also the usual stuff like hanging out with my friends and the people I love. I’ve discovered though that I’m most happiest when I feel like I’m evolving or working for my goals, so everything I do I always keep music in mind.

8. What’s your dream collaboration?

Iiris: Kanye West! I think it would be out of this world weird. I would also love to work with Timbaland, Alex Da Kidd, Missy Elliott, Childish Gambino, Ariel Rechtshaid, A-Trak – people from a totally different world.

9. What are your plans for the rest of the year?

Iiris: I’m actually starting school from tomorrow – I’m going to Goldsmiths University to study popular music. But in the meantime I’m always writing songs and hopefully I’ll have new stuff together by the end of the year.

10. Iiris, thank you so much for this interview. Do you have a message for your fans and readers?

Iiris: Thanks! Lots of love! Don’t let little stupid things break your happiness. Stride on.