Double The Pleasure, Double The Scares: Catch An Insidious Double Header for One Night Only!

Here’s what was happening in April 2011. Taylor Swift won Entertainer of The Year at the Country Music Awards, cementing her space in the sky as pop country’s tawdriest star. LCD Soundsystem played their final show in Madison Square Garden. Prince William and kate Middleton got married in a classy, epic affair that riveted the nation — nay, the world! –for days. And, if you were a smart cookie, on April 1st, you were scared sh**less by a lipstick-faced demon and the Further when you sat down to watch the much-hyped Insidious. And, guess what: you weren’t disappointed! Perhaps you left the theatre with a yearning, a desire to see just what happened to poor little Dalton, that nice family, and the horrifying whatevers that lived in their home.

Well, this september just got a little more exciting. If yu’ve been waiting for 2 years (!) to see what coupld possibly happen next to this attractive and kind family, wait no longer — Insidious: Chapter 2 picks up right where we left off and it’s in theaters September, Friday the 13th.

But wait! If you want to relive the frights, the chills, the bumbs in the night much earlier, here’s an idea: catch a special one night only screening of Insidious in participating theaters, and THEN pick up rih where we left off with the premiere of Insidious: Chapter 2 on September 13th! Click here and get your spook on!