DIY Tuesday – Mason Jar Nutri Bullet

While looking through all the amazingness pinterest has to offer I came across one of the most genius DIY ideas ever! A DIY nutri bullet! All you need is a regular blender and some mason jars.

This DIY comes with a warning – I can’t promise this is safe but seems like a lot of people are doing it and no one is having problems. With the glass jar feeling pretty solid, I still tried to keep my fingers away from the blades just in case.

All you need to do is throw some frozen fruit and liquid (I use almond milk or water) into your jar, twist it onto the blade and blend it all up on high speed. Makes a wonderful breakfast item or when using the lid to seal the jars, a great addition to your lunch box. Just make it in the morning and throw it in the bag to enjoy during the day.

Kinda brilliant!


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