DIY: Glitter Candle Holders!

I came across this gorgeous, super easy to make glitter candle holder DIY idea on Pinterest and couldn’t help but make some for the BubbleGoth HQ. I used cheap candle holders from Ross, but you can glitter anything – from mason jars to little votive candle holders to picture frames.

What you need:

– Mod Podge (I’m sure any other glue would also do the job)

– Paint brush

– Glitter (coarser is better – Trust me, I did one of my babies with the super fine glitter and it was a bitch)

– Your item (I chose candle holders, but look around your house and see what you have laying around that could be prettied up) 🙂

– 2 paper plates, paper sheets, dishes…you need something to put under your project, and I think paper plates are the best solution ’cause no glitter gets wasted. I’ve also seen people use plastic bags and other stuff. This is not essential to the project, so just use whatever you have laying around.

Ok…here’s how you do it:

First, cover your item in Mod Podge.

Then, holding it over the paper plate, start sprinkling the glitter on it until it’s done.

Let dry,

And you’re done!:)

Don’t forget to show off your projects during MoonChild Monday🙂

(Some of my pics for this DIY come from and, check out these amazing blogs<3)

One Love,


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