Dancer Spotlight + Exclusive Interview With Cat Rendic

I am so excited to share this Dancer Spotlight with you on the beautiful, talented gal Cat Rendic. She has danced with SO many incredible artists and has quite the story so be sure to check her out and read our interview below!

She has been in TONS of videos but here is one with Britney Spears a fellow Buzzmaker, Luke Broadlick, is also in it!!

When did you first realize you had a passion for dancing?

My mother and father were always in show business. By the age of 9 I was a child star for Univision the latin tv network, and parents had a musical theatre studio. I dedicated most my time to training, and performing…. but it wasn’t until I saw Britney Spears “Dream within a Dream Tour” live, that I realized I wanted to reach that caliber of a stage.

What has been the most challenging part of your job?

Being a professional dancer is a constant challenge. Staying relevant, staying inspired, and training is so important. But most of all, understanding our industry is a challenge on its own. You are a product- your image, your talent and your connections all matter. Once you understand that, it brings a certain peace to many situations. Whether you book a job or not, you start feeling confident in who you are. Our career is extremely competitive and very in your face about it! Most jobs hold private interviews, you don’t see your competitors face to face like we do. Keeping your mind in the right place is the most challenging part. Staying confident and inspired without letting rejection or opinions get to you is key.

You have danced for some huge names, what is it like working with different talent on the road?

Working with an artist is always a different experience. You come across different people, different methods and different energies. The work process is always different…. and I like that. It makes every experience special! You get inspired by them, and also see them as regular people as opposed to the household names they really are.

What is the best advice you can give someone who is trying to follow in your footsteps?

I always give the same advice. If this is something you really want…. you have to get serious about it. You have to train, you have to research and be in tune with whats going on. But most importantly, be a good person. How you make people feel matters most. Be a person others want to be around :] The choreographers/directors you work for will want to re hire you if you were pleasant, helpful and disciplined. And your peers will respect you not only for your talent, but for who you are!

If you could dance on your dream tour, who would be the lineup?

I have already danced in my dream tours! Maybe Justin Timberlake, Prince, Beyonce, or Pink!

What are your guilty pleasures and do you have any hidden talents?

Guilty pleasure number 1 is television! I watch a lot of it! HGTV, FOOD Network and E! ugh Im addicted!!! Another guilty pleasure is eating out! I like cooking at home, and it clearly saves money…. but I love eating out, and sharing a meal with someone else! Last guilty pleasure…. ONLINE SHOPPING! #addicted Hidden talents? I like to sing… outloud lol…. ALL THE TIME! I’m great at Karaoke! I love singing Selena songs ;] I am also very crafty…. and extremely good with power tools!

What music are you listening to right now?

MUSIC! I love Big Sean‘s album. Ariana Grande’s new album, Bruno Mars and most of the time I listen to the “Ja Rule” Pandora station. It brings me back!

Do you have any fan moments that stand out to you the most?

Every time fans reach out its special! But… I have a big following in Chile. My mother was a famous show woman there…. and that’s where I was born and I also worked on a tv show for a couple months in Santiago. When we performed in Santiago with the Britney Spears’ Femme Fatale tour, I walked onstage before the show to check the stage. And the stadium was already somewhat full…… the fans starting chanting my name! It was surreal! I felt the support and appreciation of my country! I cried!! I will never forget that day!!

What is your favorite city or country to perform in?

It is waaaay too difficult to chose a favorite country to perform in. Every city feels different, but outside of the US is always more intense. The fans await these american artist… so when they finally get there its a BIG DEAL! Being overseas with Jennifer Lopez was extremely beautiful! She had fans from a decade waiting for her to do her first world tour! The anticipation and excitement was unreal!

Any last words for your fans and readers?

I want to thank everyone that follows me and supports me! Social Media has really created an outlet for people to know who backup dancers are and it’s incredible! But with it comes a great deal of responsibility! I strive to inspire my fans and touch their hearts! You really can achieve anything you put your mind to and I try to preach that!

I also want to apologize for not following everyone back! When you travel, and you live away from your family it gets difficult to stay in touch. I try not to drown my feed following many people so I don’t miss posts from my loved ones. I try to write back to most tweets or acknowledge my fans as much as I can, and I hope you all understand that! I genuinely appreciate every single one of you! :]

Here is one last video featuring BuzzmakerJon Boogiee!

What do you think of Cat Rendic?

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