Controversial Covers: How Far Is Too Far?

Fashion is art, however when you are selling fashion magazines to the public I think some things need to be censored. I think it is important to be careful with what you promoting or represinting. So many young adults (I started to want to read fashion magazines at the age of 13) are looking up to fashion magazine editors and what they put in the issues each month. I think they have a responsibility to promote and encourage healthy and positive lifestyles. With that being said…Here are some controversial covers. Some of these are way of of line in my opinion.

The September 2012 issue of Dazed, starring Azealia Banks and a shiny pink condom,was banned in seven countries

Not only was Elle blasted for lightening cover star Gabourey Sidibe’s skin for their 25th Anniversary Issue, they also neglected to give her the standard female cover photo treatment: three-quarters of the woman’s body centered, with strong margins of space on either side.

Vogue Italia September 2011

Photographed by Steven Meisel, Stella Tennant teams her Prada coat, nose ring and scissors with a waist corseted to a frightening 13 inches. The styling was an ode to Ethel Granger, the woman with the tiniest waist on earth.

Vogue Hommes International Fall/Winter 2012

The Terry Richardson-lensed cover of Vogue Hommes International, featuring a smoldering Stephanie Seymour and Marlon Teixiera, was said to glamorize domestic abuse. Numerous advocacy groups petitioned Condé Nast demanding it be pulled from stands.

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