CHVRCHES’ Lauren Mayberry Sounds Off On Sexism

CHVRCHES‘ frontwoman, Lauren Mayberry, recently contributed an article to The Guardian on online misogyny and sexism. The article was fueled by a recent Facebook post on their official band page of an example of the vile comments Mayberry receives from men on a daily basis.

Female musicians (and just females in general) have been subjected to this disgusting behavior for years and sadly, it doesn’t look like it is going to end anytime soon. We are told to “just deal with it” but I don’t think that is something you have to “just deal” with. Maybe if some of these men, no excuse me, I mean, animals, were raised properly, this wouldn’t be a problem, but you can’t turn crap into gold.

“….What I do not accept, however, is that it is all right for people to make comments ranging from “a bit sexist but generally harmless” to openly sexually aggressive. That it is something that “just happens”. Is the casual objectification of women so commonplace that we should all just suck it up, roll over and accept defeat? I hope not. Objectification, whatever its form, is not something anyone should have to “just deal with”.

I love that someone is speaking up on this issue and sparking up conversations about sexism and feminism. Way to go, Lauren!

You can read the full article here.