Brandi Cyrus Closet Case: Trends, Must Haves And Fall Favorites!

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What’s more fun to talk about than CLOTHES and what’s in your closet?! While I was in LA last week, I got to show off all the things in my closet (well, my LA closet. a lot of goodies were left in Nashville). I’m impatiently waiting for the Fall weather to arrive and it felt good to pull out some of my favorite jackets and sweaters. Watch my Closet Case video to see my must have items, some of my favorite current trends, and even some unexpected pieces you wouldn’t think I would own!

Disclaimer: I say ‘like’ and ‘um’ way too much and talk way too fast. This is the reason I made B’s on public speaking assignments in High School. Oopsie. ENJOY!

What is your favorite item in your closet?

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