Get In On The Battle: Lets See You Breakdance

Being able to be a professional dancer I’ve come across a lot of styles of dance. Breaking is one of the most eye pleasing styles. Mixing footwork basic to power trick and flips. I mean haven’t we all wanted to head spin? I’ve been grateful to call some of the illest breakers in the industry my friends. So to share some love in honor of the new movie Battle Of The Year (in theaters September 20) here are some of my favorite videos that have incorporated break dancing:

Here is my personal take on Breakdancing

Also, looks like Jon Boogiee is tryin’ to battle me!

Are you guys trying to battle too? Let’s see your breakdance moves on Instagram using #BOTYDanceOff for a chance to win $250! You must enter before midnight (PT) on Sunday, September 22!!