Band To Buzz About Fall ’13: In The Valley Below

A couple of weeks ago, I was watching The Late Show with David Letterman and the band performing that night was In The Valley Below. I was drawn to their sound right away and had to hear more! Plus, Angela’s voice kind of reminds me of Lana Del Rey.

I think their bio on their Facebook page says it perfectly: In The Valley Below is hushed swirls of male and female vocals forged with dark stories of brooding riddles and romance. Currently based in the Echo Park area of Los Angeles, Angela Gail and Jeffrey Jacob have crafted a sultry collection of melodic duets in a bed of rumbling drums, synth machines, gritty, wailing guitars, and layers of strange and dreamy keys.

Take a listen to “Peaches” off of their forthcoming EP of the same name, out on September 17.

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