A Backstreet Boys Concert Review Through The Eyes Of An Nsync Fan

SO I am now 24 years old and can confidentaly say that I still will rock out to pop music from 1997-present. It makes me happy, no shame here!

I have always been a loyal Nsync fan to the point where I was strongly against Backstreet Boys because well..that was the rules right?

I recently got the opportunity to attend the Backstreet Boys/Jesse McCartney tour and was blown away beyond belief. The BSB guys literally took me from “an Nsync only” fan to “holy crap these dudes are so talented and incredible people I respect them fully” fan

When we first got there we were lucky enough to attend their VIP Soundcheck at about 5pm where they did Q&A, talked to the crowd, made jokes and hung out as well as showing us bits of what the show has to offer.

After about 45 minutes of awesomeness they led us to an area where we all got to meet them and take photos…while in line they would just walk around and say hi to their fans…so nice right?!

The dudes all shook my hand (AJ even commented on my tattoos…YES!) and all were so personable. I was astonished that they were so kind and attentive because sadly that’s rare these days with these types of situations.

Then it was show time…Pauly D and Jesse McCartney KILLED it but…Backstreet Boys stole the show. They literally didnt stop dancing and had about 3 to 4 wardrobe changes! Their set was about 2 hours long and kept everyone on their feet!

After their show which ends at about 11pm they have a special thing every night where they host an “after-party” and Nick Djs and the band hangs out and fans can party with the band for a few hours.

I didnt even attend that because I was exhausted. They really just didn’t put on a show they put on an experience and it made me respect them so much as musicians and as people.

SO, Dear Backstreet Boys, if you are reading this, pat yourself on the back because I am currently listening to your music at work by choice and enjoying the crap out if it. Thank you for a great night.

What do you think of The Backstreet Boys?!