BACK OFF OUR MAN: Sienna Miller Seduces Harry Styles At London Fashion Week

Let us start off by talking about how dangerously gorgeous Harry Styles looked at the Burberry show during London Fashion week the other day. He’s like if Mick Jagger mated with Marlon Brando but also inherited the royal class of JFK Jr. HIS COIFFED HAIR and leather booties are just simply too much to handle. He’s totally man enough to pull off the leopard shirt and the coat is just…we die.

It would appear that we are not the only ones noticing his devastating charm. Sienna Miller swooped in and stole all of our dreams right out of our hands. Check out these flirty photos from the front row! She is known to love the younger men but HARRY IS OFF LIMITS.

Do these photos upset you like they upset us?