5 Reasons To Love The 1975’s Debut Album

I have waited very patiently for September 3rd, 2013.

I have waited for The 1975’s debut album to officially be released so I can share my thoughts on what is guaranteed to become one of my favorite albums this year. The 1975 have cultivated a their own sound over the past few years and are ready to play ball. The UK natives have such a tight grasp on their sound and it’s truly extraordinary for a debut album. It would be as if I knew myself as well as I do now at 27, at 15. Very impressive, yet seemingly effortless. #musicrules.

The album has a variety of moments and it’s impossible to not fall in love with this band as each track passes. But to make it easier for you, here are 5 reasons to love, The 1975.

1. The 1975 – As a band are just so impressive on this album. The sounds, the lyrics and the stories are so refreshing. They have created moments where I dance my face off, interludes where I am forced to be calm and patient, and heartfelt ballads that make you want to give front man Matty Healy a hug because he just spilled his guts.

They are just talented.

2. “Robbers” – Toward the end of the album we have a love ballad, “Robbers” – and it’s just beautiful. It’s 100% the kind of song that John Hughes (who is a huge inspiration for the band) would have used to highlight a Lloyd Dobler/ Diane Court moment if Say Anything was shot in 2013. It just has that cinematic and romantic quality to it.

3. Sentiment behind the album – In interviews Matty has also explained their goal as a band was to have us all fall in love with the slowly the same way you do a person. You get to know them bit-by-bit and then fall head over heels with who they are. Well, it worked. With the rerelease of their EPs leading up to today’s full-length, I have seen what they have to offer me — and I want it all.

4. “Heart Out” – Now there are several songs on the album that make me dance, but the song “Heart Out” really grabbed my attention upon a first listen. I especially loved the line, “You got something to say/why don’t you speak it out loud/instead of living in your head/It’s always the same/why don’t you take your heart out/instead of living in your head.” Followed by an EPIC saxophone solo that just works. It’s things like this that make The 1975 the kind of band that can do anything and it will just work because they do it with conviction.

5. This is only the beginning. – Like I had mentioned before, this is an incredibly impressive debut album. The understandings they have of their sound, abilities and objective as a band at this stage of their careers make me feel like the possibilities are endless for this band. They will be loved by their core fans and embraced by popular culture.

So incredibly impressed with The 1975.

You can download the album here on iTunes and I urge you to see them live this fall.

What do you think of the album?

Let’s talk music, let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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