10 Reasons Why Fall Is The Best Season Ever

It’s ‘Fall In Love‘ month here at Buzznet and we are getting super excited for fall! I love fall and everything that comes with it. I have to admit I miss being at home in Boston during the fall season because there is nothing like it. Fall is the best season because it’s still warm at the beginning and gradually cools down as the months go on. As it cools down we can layer up our sweaters and scarves and sip on our precious PSLs by a crackling fire. If i haven’t gotten you excited for fall yet, here is why you need to get excited ASAP and why fall is the best.

1. The Obvious- Pumpkin Spiced Lattes

2. Yummy scented body wash/lotions you can finally wear without smelling weird because it’s summer

3. Jumping in leaves!


5. Lets not forget about scarves

6. and boots

7. Fall donuts!

8. ..while sipping hot chocolate

9. Apple picking

10. Being cozy at night by a fire <3

So let’s get excited for fall and welcome September with open arms! Ditch your tan and shorts for scarves and sweaters and get cozy people!

What is YOUR favorite part about fall?

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