The 10 Most Terrifying Movie Trailers of The Last 10 Years

Inspired by 2013 being a pretty amazing year for horror movies and their trailers, we culled through EVERY horror movie trailer of the last ten years and found the ten absolute hands down scariest.

Did your favorite make the list?

1. The Strangers

Scariest Moment: The masked figure walking into the room. And the next ten seconds…

2. Insidious: Chpater 2

Scariest Moment: “He’s got your baby. He’s got your baby. He’s got your baby.”

3.The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Scariest Moment: The sariest final few seconds in a movie trailer ever. Period.

4. Skeleton Key

Scariest MomentL Normally, record players aren’t scary. This one is.

5. Mama

Scariest Moment: Mama herself. Crawling. Washing dishes. All of it.

BONUS: MAMA was actually inspired by a 2 minute short film Which is scarier, the trailer or the short?

6. Sinister

Scariest Moment: When the demon looks back. Trust us. You’ll know the part when you watch.

8. The Ring

Scariest Moment: Naomi Watts’ final scream.

8. The Conjuring

Scariest Moment: When Lili Taylor lights a match…what happens next we can;t even discuss.

9. The Grudge

Scariest Moment: The second scariest shower scene of all time.

10. The Devil Inside

Scariest Moment: Creepiest 911 call of all time ever. And the hospital bed thing. TERRIFYING. In fact, don’t even watch it.

Which ones would you have included on the list that we forgot>?

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