10 Life Essentials Featuring Danny Kurily

I try to be a little bit into everything, I want to be good at anything I try. These are 10 things that are essentials to my life and my lifestyle. I present to you:

The Essentials

1. Ethica underwear. These are really the most comfortable underwear I have, becuase of this I have multiple pairs. Let’s be honest, you need to be comfy there first before you can feel good about the rest of the day.

2. Kiehls Products. I know what you’re thinking, what does a dude know about skin care or hair care products. From face washes, to shampoo, to lotions. This company seems to be good at everything they put out, maybe thats why I like them so much.

3. Audi A4 S-line. Having grown up in Michigan cars have always been in my blood. I’ve had everything from Mazda Speed’s to Saturn Redlines, to Corvettes and now most recently my Audi. I really like this car because it’s fun to drive because it’s still is classic but still is practical. I’ve found that when I’m not on tour it’s important to have a car that you want to drive and thats what the Audi is.

4. Industrie Cortes Pants. I posted about these pants a few days ago, I discovered them in Australia when I was there on tour. Since then I think I’ve aquired almost every color in them. They are comfy and can look casual or dressy depending what you style with them.

5. Louis Vuitton Luggage. Traveling is a big part of my life, in fact it takes up about 75% percent of my year. In doing so I have a couple essentials. The Michael backpack, I’ve had this bag for over 3 years now and it hardly looks used, its been around the world multiple times and is practical yet stylish. The Diamer Keepall 155. This is a great weekend bag or addition to a carry on. I can fit almost anything from gifts to sweatshirts to shoes. I know its expensive but I feel its worth it when you have a bag that will last 10 years.

6. Imsg. Now I know this might sound silly but I use this feature so much, especially overseas. With overseas data being so expensive 1 imsg uses less then 1KB of data per message, it helps me stay in touch when I’m far away.

7. Water Purifier. Mine comes attached to my fridge so I just fill up my glass. I’ve been trying to get away from soda and other bad liquids so this makes it easy. I just goto the fridge and keep filling up my cup all day. It’s also a bit more eco friendly then going through 8 bottles of water a day.

8. Snap Back. I wear a lot of hats, mostly snap backs because I like the way they look. Recently I’ve been wearing a company called Brixton a lot.

9. Glamour Kills T-shirts. T shirts are an almost everyday wear for me. If I have the choice then I pick GK. I really like the way they are cut as well as the graphics or ideas that are behind them.

10. Frozen Pizza. A gift from God really. It’s nice to always have these in the freezer especially when you come home from a long trip. Recently a friend told me about bbqing pizza’s which is when you cook them on the grill. MIND BLOWN.

These are my 10 Essentials. What are some of your Essentials?