World’s Most Amazing Beds

Did you know we spend more than 1/3 of our life sleeping? If you’re like me and believe that your spirit travels around while you sleep, then we may as well say that our beds are portals of sorts. Besides it just being one of the places we spend more time in than any other place, it is also our sanctuary where the body replenishes itself.

My bed in the BubbleGoth HQ is a pretty special one – I had it custom built into a wall and painted it glitter. It’s kind of alien princess-esque with its round lines and shimmering color. I believe that my house, just like the clothes I wear – is an extension of who I am. Not who I’m supposed to be but who I want to be. Why live a life if I can live a dream?

All you need is a can of paint and some fabric to transform your bed into a heavenly sanctuary. Below are some of the most amazingly creative bed ideas I found.

What does your dream bed look like?


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