I started running about 2 years ago and I generally run every single day. It really made a difference in the shape of my body, my ability to maintain my weight and just my overall health. (I do interval runs where I alternate between walking and sprinting for anywhere between 30 minutes up to an hour). I was pretty set in my running ways until I met some friends on Warped Tour, Jeff Pereira (Red Bull Records) and Josh James (Stick to Your Guns) who are very into Crossfit. I have to admit I was weary to try it out at first but within a week of working out with them I noticed my body really leaning out and getting stronger by the day. The results were so quick! Needless to say I have been incorporating these workouts a few times a week now in my daily exercise routine and I wanted to share them with you! The best part about them is they take about 20 minutes max!

All of these photos are from my Instagram that I update daily, you can follow me here for more of these and lots of healthy and delicious recipes!

Me & Jeff and one of the workouts we did while out on Warped Tour: (PU = Push ups. We did this for as many times as we could for 20 minutes- as you can see, I got through 10 reps!)

Here is me and Josh and one of the workouts we did one day!