Work Like A Dog Day: These Dogs Are Working Harder Than You

Happy Work Like A Dog Day! Yes, this holiday apparently exists. Today is the day to work harder than you ever hard aka work like a dog. I love dogs more than life so what better way to celebrate than with cute pics of dogs getting their work grind on?

What kind of dog will you work like today?

A work from home dog

A dog who saves lives

A dog who flies planes

A dog who puts out fires

A dog who drives other dogs around

A dog who cooks

A dog that knows finance

A professional baseball dog

or even

A dog who knows the law

A construction working dog

All of these dogs are such hard workers and you should do the same! Get out there and work like a dog tody! When you are done celebrate like a dog…

and then sleep like a dog

Happy Work Like A Dog Day!

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