Why Chandler Bing Is My Favorite Friend

Today is Matthew Perry‘s 44th birthday! Matthew is the man behind one TV’s most beloved characters, Chandler Bing from Friends!

Matthew had has tons of other roles, but his role as Chandler is my favorite. Sarcastic yet sensitive; Chandler is a real treat.

Yes, really.

He always held a special place in my heart with his outlook on life, love and trying to find his place in the world. I always identified with those parts of his personality and honestly see a lot of myself in him.

Chandler is sensitive…

…And just wants to find that speical someone.

There was a point when he didn’t know what career path to take…

… But he never gave up!

He may not always know what to say in a crisis…

… But he is quick with a joke.

He likes to relax on the weekend…

…But he can cut a rug when there’s a celebration.

He can go with the flow when need be…

…And relax.

And through it all he made me laugh…

… But he eventually fell in love with his best friend Monica, and had it all.


Happy Birthday Matt — and thanks for Chandler!

Who is your favorite character on Friends?

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