Sexy And Skin Are In: 5 Trends That Ruled The VMA Red Carpet

What happened at the Video Music Awards last night? I think I may still be coming down from my contact high of all that craziness.

While the whole thing may have been a tornado of WTF, the fashion on the red carpet was surprisingly succint and consistent. The color scheme of the night was black and white with metallic accents. This palette was rarely strayed from except for a few splashes of blue. Leather, feathers, textures and embellishments (like Miley Cyrus‘ jewels, and Ellie Goulding‘s studs) added spice in place of crazy colors or extreme silhouettes.

It was all about showing skin and playing up the feminine shape in ways that are time-tested in red carpet world. The looks were sexy, but not sexual (the same can’t be said for what hapened inside Barclays, but I digress…), which is a departure from how this demographic has been dressing at occasions like this for a long time. There were fewer cutouts and funky hemlines and most people left the jumpsuits that were so popular last year at home.

In fact, almost every look on the red carpet fell into one (or more) of five categories: Crop tops, plunging necklines, sheer, slits, and volume at the hips. All of these trends call attention to the female shape, and have a cemented place in fashion history. It’s likely a part of this 90s revival! Granted, the ladies of the VMAs made their looks very modern, but their styles were built from basics.

Which VMA trend was your favorite?