TONIGHT: Lindsay Lohan Guest Hosts Chelsea Lately (And I Was There)

Yesterday (August 1) I had the amazing opportunity to go watch the taping of Chelsea Lately with guest host Lindsay Lohan!!! I am a huge Lilo fan and couldn’t control my excitement. I was sat right in the front row, literally inches away from Lindsay. I could see every freckle on her, that’s how close I was. It was unreal. I will never be over it.

She stunned the crowed wearing an all black ensemble, leather pants and a cute little blazer vest. Her gorgeous strawberry blonde hair flowed with incredible curls (made me jealous). Best of all, she looked healthy! The 27-year-old actress glowed from head to toe while smiling and laughing the entire time.

Her opening monologue was fantastic. She cracked jokes and even poked fun at herself a little saying she was on a 90-day court ordered vacation. She also threw some digs at Chelsea, all in good fun of course, mentioning she saw someone who looked just like Chelsea while leaving Cliffside. Coincidence that Chelsea was no where to be seen? LOL. The roundtable was awesome and Lindsay was giggling the whole segment. She brought up some hot topics including Harry Styles, Justin Bieber and some other famous faces.

She didn’t hold back and you can tell she said whatever came to mind, no restrictions. When the topic of bartenders dumping out vodka to protest anti-gay laws was brought up, she mentioned how vodka was not her friend. Brad Wollack agreed that vodka also makes him wind up on the floor. Lindsay fired back it was not the floor where she ends up, it’s rehab. She poked fun at Brad, a fellow redhead, saying some of his jokes just weren’t that funny. Sorry, Brad!

There were a few tongue twists and stutters here and there but Lindsay took it with stride, apologized, and went for it again, with her beaming smile never leaving.

Lindsay seriously did an awesome job and I can’t wait to watch on Monday, August 5th at 11pm on E!. I am so happy she is on the right track so far. I’m really rooting for her this time around.

Welcome back Lindsay!