Tokio Hotel Celebrate ‘Durch Den Monsun’ 8th Anniversary

[Me with my Durch Den Monsun single copy xp]

It seems unreal but eight years already passed since Tokio Hotel‘s first single “Durch Den Monsun” has been released.

Since that moment, the four German boys walked in an extraordinary music path, performed worldwide, got tons of awards and realized their dream to visit Tokyo, in Japan.

Even though, unfortunately, I didn’t start to follow the band since 2005, but just two years later, it’s right to celebrate this really important date.

Already on Twitter we are trying to trend the hashtag #AliensCelebrateInfinity for the occasion, writing also different tweets like “Durch Den Monsun” lyrics, personal quotes or words, pictures, anything.

So I thought to put together all (or the most part) of “Durch Den Monsun” performances since 2005, included the music video, shot in Heideweg, Magdeburg and the making of.

Enjoy 😉

[in Postdam, Berlin during the German Unity Day on October 1, 2005]

[@ Giga Live Tv]

[Schrei Live Tour in Cologne – December 12, 2005]

[Comet 2005]

[Schrei Live DVD in Oberhausen – 2006]

[Trabendo Session in Paris – 2007]

[Zimmer 483 Live Tour in Oberhausen – 2007]

[Live in New York – 2008]

[Cologne Session – August 27, 2009]

[Live in Helsinki, Finland – Humanoid City Tour – 2010]

Which is your favorite “Durch Den Monsun” performance?