Tokio Hotel Celebrate ‘Der Letzte Tag’ 7th Anniversary

[Me with my “Der Letzte Tag” singles]

Seven years ago, Tokio Hotel’s fourth and last single “Der Letzte Tag” from “Schrei” album was released. It came out for promoting the re-edition of “Schrei”, called “Schrei so laut du kannst” that includes a new version of “Schrei”, “Rette Mich” and “Der Letzte Tag” with Bill’s voice more mature + due bonus track “Beichte” and “Thema n°1”.

The music video has been shot on Kosmos cinema’s roof, in Berlin where a lot of fans could assist to the performance of the four boys. By the time the band plays the final chorus of the song, Georg, Tom and Bill are bouncing up and down while playing and singing. The fans do likewise. (The music video for “Wir schliessen uns ein” begins on the same roof as the band descends from the building.)

With this song, Tokio Hotel won an Echo Award as Best National Song on March 2007.

In 2008 the music video is on air also in other countries (not only German ones) like Italy as fifth international single.

“Wir Schlissen Uns Ein” is just one of the songs included in the “Der Letzte Tag” single cd 2 (the music video too) with the single version and the Grizzly Remix of “Der Letzte Tag” single and another new song “Frei Im Freien Fall”.

The cd 1 includes the single and the acoustic version of “Der Letzte Tag” and the official music video, a Tokio Hotel Gallery and a Fanspecial Backstage Live Clip that you can check below:

The song, translated in English with the title of “Final Day” has been included in “Scream” album (2007).

Enjoy the official music video:

Check out also my favorite performance of this song along the years:

From Zimmer 483 Live in Europe DVD [2007]

From Schrei Live DVD [2006]

From Stock Car Crash Challenge [2006]

From Trabendo Session [2007]

Happy 7th Anniversary “Der Letzte Tag”

Do you like this song?

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