Tina’s Recap of the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards

I honestly don’t think any other award show gets as much buzz than the MTV Video Music Awards. Not even The Grammys. I started watching the VMAs in 1997 and every year, MTV continues to deliver. Well, except that one time in 2007 but we all have our bad days. I love that after 30 years, the VMAs continue to hold as much excitement as they did in years past. I may not like all of the artists featured, but there are always lots of surprises that become memories for music fans to keep forever. I kind of strayed away from MTV once TRL ended. I’m not a fan of their new programming at all but I’m glad that for one night, MTV lived up to it’s name: Music Television.

I want to start off by saying how incredibly shocked and honored I am to have the VMAs in my borough of Brooklyn. I don’t think any of us expected this one! I’m nowhere near The Barclay Center, but just the thought of having so many of my favorite people in the same borough, nevermind the same city, is pretty amazing. I live in Greenpoint (aka Hipsterville) but the excitement of the VMAs was alive throughout the whole city tonight.

So the big rumor of the night was about NSYNC. Were they going to reunite or was it all just talk? As Justin Timberlake took the stage, I kept thinking “what if he just performs solo and the other four guys never come out on stage?!” Horrible, I know! But, my childhood was relived for a brief moment as NSYNC took the stage together after about 11 years apart. I screamed. I cried. I fangirled harder than a One Direction fan. I’m pretty sure I woke up my neighborhood. I was saving my lungs for tonight and, like NSYNC has always done in the past, they delivered. Sorry Brooklyn, didn’t mean to wake you…but it looks like there’ll be no sleep tonight anyways.

I was incredibly excited for Selena Gomez‘s win for Best Pop Video! I’m not sure if this was her first VMA win but that girl has been busting out hits since 2009 and I am SO proud of her! Plus, she looked absolutely lovely tonight, as did her BFF Taylor Swift.

One minor detail that caught my attention was that they played The Knocks and St. Lucia‘s “Modern Hearts” after Selena Gomez’s acceptance speech. Major kudos/heads up, MTV! You’ll be hearing about them a lot more in 2014 and I hope they win a moonman next year! Just remember where you heard ’em first! 😉

Lady Gaga always shakes things up. I love how she just sat in her seashell bra all night. I was literally just waiting for her to morph into a mermaid sometime during the show. I think she should autograph the seat she sat in so whoever sits there next can know that Gaga’s buns graced that seat. I hope it brings that person a lot of success. 😀

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis are kind of my unexpected guilty pleasure..but I’m not even guilty! When I first saw them perform “Thrift Shop” on Saturday Night Live, I was like “what is going on and who are these dudes?” But as time went on, “Thrift Shop” became one of my favorite songs. Plus it just makes me smile. Their performance of “Same Love” was lovely tonight. The lyrics are so raw and honest and I think it’s what hip hop really needs more of. Plus, who doesn’t want equality? Also, Macklemore was rocking that suit tonight! Pretty sure he didn’t pick that one up at the thrift shop! 😉

Katy Perry closed out the night by the Brooklyn Bridge with her new hit single, “Roar,” and my heart just melted. She’s so strong and that song makes me want to grab my ex and yell this song in his face for all of the bad things he made me feel. Miss Perry is a warrior and I hope this song wins a moonman at next year’s ceremony.

The only thing missing from this year’s VMAs were pop royalty Britney Spears and Beyonce. Also, not to forget MTV royalty, Carson Daly. A girl can dream. Also, where were Paramore?

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What did you think of the 2013 VMAs?