This was my next door neighbors pigeon coop. He had quite a few pet pigeons and would let them fly every day. Of course they would land on my roof and hang out for awhile before flying off all together to another roof in the neighborhood. I was only just married for a few months when we came across a little B&W tuxedo kitten in one of our trees. Not knowing if she belonged to anyone in the neighborhood I went on a walk knocking on doors to see if anyone lost her and was looking for her. Well after many days of searching we decided to keep her and name her Spooky. She really fit that name although she wasn’t a scary cat at all.

She grew up into a wonderful kitty and she loved to go out but she mostly stayed right in our yard. One spring day she was gone the whole morning and into the afternoon and I started to get very worried that something had happened to her so I went out looking for her. I was calling her name and making those silly cat calls all over the yard and she didn’t show up like she always did. I got more frantic and went all the way to the back of my yard and looked over into my neighbors yard. I saw many of the pigeons were out in the wire part of their coop right up close to the front. I went over into the yard and looked into the pigeon coop and on the wall I saw a shadow of my cat !!!

Yes Spooky was inside the coop and all the pigeons were way up high in their little nesting boxes trying to stay hidden from her. It was actually quite funny but since I didn’t know how she got in there I had no way to get her out !! When my neighbor got home from work we were able to get her out he thinks when he was in the pigeon coop in the morning she must have sneaked in and he locked her in by mistake !! The pigeons in the wire part weren’t in danger since they were able to get in that part but the cat couldn’t. So that day I was a nervous Mother and my Spooky was a Happy Cat 😀

See Spooky below in the comments 😀