A Tearful Tribute And Twerking: Teen Choice Awards Highlights

Last night was the Teen Choice Awards, and there were plenty of noteworthy moments. From Lea Michele‘s sweet speech, to any and everything Harry Styles did, the show was packed with entertainment. Here are some of the highlights of the night:

Miley Cyrus Wins Big

Miley won across the board, for her song, “We Can’t Stop,” for her appearance on Two And A Half Men, and for her fashion sense! It was definitely her night.

But on another note, Miley, 20, recently stepped out to show that her and Liam Hemsworth are still going strong, so Miley, we’re going to need you to back away slowly from our man, Harry Styles.

Which brings us to…

Harry Styles Twerking

If this is Miley’s influence, we guess it’s okay.

Lea’s Michele’s Touching Tribute To Cory Monteith

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On an otherwise fun night, it was important, and sweet, that Lea called attention to her late boyfriend’s relationship with their show’s fans.

The Best Dressed Ladies Step It Up

Often at these award shows geared at a younger demographic, the stars tend to look silly, or overly trendy. However, the best dressed of the night managed to pull of playful, but still sophisticated looks. Selena Gomez was all woman her in double-slit emerald dress (Pantone‘s color of the year!).

Hailee Steinfeld is on the money in her blue and navy dress. It’s adorable how her shoes and pedicure match perfectly!

Plus, Kerry Washington‘s Stella McCartney whimsical print dress is so perfect for the occasion with embroidered lips, hearts, matches and earrings. It’s exactly the kind of tongue-in-cheek that works at these events, but not over-the-top. Let’s call it tongue-in-chic.

Paramore Performs ‘Still Into You’

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And can we talk about Hayley’s hair?!

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