#TBT Vanessa Hudgens’ “Sneakernight” Music Video (AKA Best Night Ever)

Vanessa Hudgens may be edgy these days with roles in Spring Breakers and soon to be released films where she plays a lady of the night and a homeless teen, but Vanessa started her career in the Disney machine. She pretty much killed it as Gabriella Montez in the High School Musical triology. Her duets with Zac Efron were nothing short of amazing.

Naturally after the release of the first High School Musical film, Vanessa was signed to Disney record label Hollywood Records. I mean, that’s what all the Disney stars do, ya know? They’re all triple threats (Demi, Miley, Selena, Bridgit.. the list goes on and on.)

Vanessa’s first album, V, did just alright. Her second album, Identified, did not so hot. They only released one single called Sneakernight. Back in 2008 the song was weird and kinda confusing. The song peaked at 88 on the Billboard charts.

I think they were trying to start a trend. Like… now sneakernight is going to be a thing! Gals all around the world will be having sneaker nights so they can just dance! Well, the video has over 70 million YouTube views, but Sneakernight did not exactly catch on.

In retrospect, it totally should have. This video is all kinds of entertaining and hilarious. I mean the hook is “Basically what we’re gonna do is dance.” It has guilty pleasure tune written all over it!

Watch the video below and let’s petition Vanessa to get back into the singing game!

If you need more inspiration, please enjoy her video for the tune “Say Ok.” This musical masterpiece and her second single off V included a cameo from her former co-star and boy toy, the most fabulous and handsome Zac Efron. It’s about time this duo reunited! At least on a duet or something.

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