Taylor Swift ‘The RED Tour’ Plays Los Angeles: ‘Burning Red’

Last night Taylor Swift kicked off a four-night stay at the Staples Center in Los Angeles to a sold out crowd. The 51st night of the Grammy Award winning singer-songwriter’s RED Tour was filled with dancing, emotion, sparkle and of course RED. I had never seen Taylor live before, but I had been told she puts on a spectacular show.

That was very accurate.

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Taylor’s live show, just like her latest album RED, takes you through a spectrum of emotions. My heart was racing when I heard the opening song “State of Grace,” I had a huge smile on during hits like, “22” and “You Belong With Me,” but I also had an emotional connection with Taylor during the heartbreaking ballad, “All Too Well.” She sang live, did a bit of dancing, and lots of jumping. She played the guitar, the banjo and the piano. She played songs solo, and with a full band. She ran all over the stage with tons of visual effects, but also sat calmly on a stool with an acoustic guitar and sang the same songs she had written in her room at 3 am.

I didn’t leave the Staples Center with the same sort of glow I get after a Paramore show, or the same kind of exhaustion I get after jumping around to Jimmy Eat World – but I did leave with the same sort of feeling you get after a good chat with a close friend or after watching a an emotional film. A sense of relief that someone else is dealing with the same sense of loss, and that lessons in love are learned over and over. Now Taylor’s core audience might be too young to really empathize with Taylor’s songs that this point in their lives, but she did a wonderful job of bestowing her advice among the young audience. I especially liked what she said before playing her Grammy Award Winning song, “Mean.” Basically that being bullied isn’t just for high school, it continues into adulthood. A harsh reality, but an important one to not ignore.

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Live Taylor Swift was able to make over 15,000 people feel like we were all her best friends. I guess that’s the best part about Taylor Swift in general; I see a bit of myself in her. I am sure a lot of people dealing with these same lessons in love and life can agree with me. The hopelessly hopeless ones who want the fairytale but keep learning it’s not as easy as the stories you read as a child make it seem. The lessons that people can be mean, but you can be above it. The lessons that hearts can break, but they can still survive. And the lessons that your friendships in life can be your saving grace. #musicrules.

Would you see Taylor live?

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