The Tale Of Lindsay Lohan As Told By Gifs

Once upon a time, Lindsay Lohan was an adorable redhaired child star who captivated America when she expertly portrayed a pair of twins in Parent Trap, who wanted to setup their parents (the equally adorable Natasha Richardson and Dennis Quaid).

The future was bright for Linday Lohan. It was like:

Soon, she was starring in Disney movies left and right, and captivating us all with her charm. Everywhere you looked (especially Disney channel), you’d see:

Then came 2004, and Mean Girls was released, securing Lindsay Lohan’s position as America’s Sweetheart. She was one of the biggest names in showbiz, and officially one of the cool kids. I mean, she was on Punk’d and she partied with Paris Hilton! She was a star for sure.

She was on the cover of every magazine, and people became obsessed with everything Lindsay did/wore/ate/said. Every girl in the world was like:

After a while though, it kind of seemed like Lindsay was doing more partying than anything else.

Lindsay’s antics coincided with the boom in paparazzi, and her latenight mishaps were broadcast for everyone to see. From her fights with frienemies, to her run-ins with photographers, every time Lindsay messed up, the world knew about it.

So people were sort of like…

As for the limit of people’s interest in news about Lindsay’s personal life:

But scrutiny didn’t put a stop to Lindsay’s ways. If anything, it fueled her on. And some people started wondering…

She dabbled with rehab, but every time, she’d seem to resort back to her old ways. We’d hear stories of Lindsay getting in latenight fights, sometimes with other celebrities, sometimes with her girlfriend at the time, Samantha Ronson. It seemed like Lindsay’s life was sort of spiraling out of control.

Not to mention her run-ins with the law. From drug infractions to probation violations, every time you’d turn on the TV, it would be like:

And let’s not forget all those mugshots.

Lindsay was arrested a few times, had an ankle monitor strapped on, and was ordered to go to rehab a handful of times, but instead of laying low and taking her punishments quilety, she was like:

And the public’s fascination just grew and grew. Everyone had something to say on the talented starlet who had gone down the wrong path.

Every now and then, Lindsay would make a declaration of sobriety and claim that she was just a 20-something having fun, which a lot of people can relate to. I mean, everyone’s felt like this in their twenties now and then:

But Lindsay seemed to go overboard, partying non-stop, being charged with theft, being photographed doing drugs. She was getting in a lot more trouble than the average person her age.

Okay, not that much trouble.

Lindsay has been in and out of courtrooms for the past few years, and she’s often gone to rehab as part of different plea deals. However, until now, Lindsay has claimed that she’s not an addict, and she feels like this, about being sent to rehab:

But now that Lindsay has finished her most recent 90-day stint, she’s feeling great, and she’s making the rounds to promote her latest comeback. Reportedly, she rocked on Chelsea Lately! Apparently, she’s looking great and is very happy.

There’s also rumors that she’s sworn off drinking, and doesn’t even want to be around booze. She’s all:

Now there are promos for her new interview with Oprah. Apparently Oprah’s going to be asking Lindsay some hard questions like this one:

No matter what happens with Lindsay, she’ll always have a special place in all of our hearts. We want the best for you Lindsay! From us, to you:

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