(The Swellers side project) BraidedVeins – “The Nature Cruise of the Century!”

When The Swelelrs took our first real “break” from touring it was pretty obvious that I had to keep busy. I hand-selected my favorite musicians/people from the Flint, MI music scene and we got together to jam. We had no idea what to expect other than a few simple guidelines:

1.) It had to be fun. No overthinking. No drama.

2.) Musically it had to be something different than any of us have done before.

3.) Everyone has a say in the songwriting, artwork and everything about the band.

We got in the basement and ended up writing a 7 song EP called “Future/Forever” which was recorded by my brother (and Swellers frontman) Nick Diener and mixed/mastered by Mark Michalik. It’s going to be released by a label called Save Your Generation later this winter.

For the first time in years I don’t have to hold back with drumming at all and this first song we’ve posted shows the aggression of the music. Something we all need to get out at some point.

It’s annoying to say this, but it’s for fans of: Black Flag, Fugazi, Refused and The Bronx. If you’re not familiar with those bands, I highly suggest you listen to their whole discographies. They take a lot of risks and do some really interesting stuff.

Hope you enjoy the brief, but chaotic: “The Nature Cruise of the Century!”