The Swellers New Song ‘Becoming Self-Aware’

Once in a while I feel like I don’t fit in at all. Not in the immature, craving attention way, but in a pretty heavy-hitting way. The worst is when you finally find someone or a group of friends you think are just like you and eventually come to the upsetting realization that they’re not. You just feel different and out of place all over again. You feel like you’re just going with the motions because you’re a lifeless body rushing down an endless river.

I felt this way in the spring of 2012 after I was freshly out of a relationship and avoiding going back to my house. I had a week of couch surfing with a different friend each day to help me learn some valuable lessons about myself and honestly help me grip my sanity a bit more. One of the days I had nowhere to go so I went into a park in Flint, Michigan with my guitar, sat on a bench and compiled a few parts of songs that fit together almost too well (musically and lyrically). I showed my brother and he put his magic on it, as he always does to make my ideas a reality. Having my brother to bounce ideas off of and literally finish my sentences at times for me is what makes the chemistry in our songwriting so great. We go back and forth a lot on this album.

This continues the story of The Light Under Closed Doors. You feel like there’s nowhere left to go, then you find a place, then you have to relearn how to live your life. Maybe we never feel normal because there is no such thing as “normal” after all.

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