Summer Bummer: Some ‘Band’ Ruins Paramore’s ‘Ain’t It Fun’

I am all up for artistic interpretation. Taking something and making it yours is part of what makes the art world go ’round. I’m okay with that. Well, usually I am okay with that. The thing is, if you trample on something and turn it into awful, then you need to stop. You need to

And I’m usually not an angry person but sometimes things get me up-f**kin-set. Let’s watch this video:

Do you need a tissue? Are you feeling conflicted? I was too. Let’s hold each other.

I am not mad at whatever brand of electronic music this. I love me some dance tunes. I’m not even mad at the dudes strutting around in their chonies:

I’m not even really mad at watching some lady twerk it out to a Paramore song:

I mean if that’s how you feel about Paramore, handle yo scandal.

I am mad about this:

WTF there is a guy in a pool floatie and he’s not even in a pool. Also, why is he using binoculars to look at her hand? You know that shit just looks blurry AF. YOU’RE GOING TO RUIN YOUR EYES.

I won’t deny that I could get into the actual music of this rehash. It’s pretty solid. It was just forced into something else. They took the freedom and majesty of Hayley’s realizations in the original “Ain’t It Fun” and tried to make it all sexy times. They basically shot this in someone’s loft on some forgotten Jennifer’s Convertibles sofa bed

And then they ruined everything that was good and pure about this song with their weird disembodied heads and strange vocals

There is nothing here in this world for me anymore.

You guys,

What do you think of this “cover?”