Splurge Or Save: Sweaters For Fall

I’ve been searching the internet for the perfect sweaters for this upcoming Fall season and can’t help but love all the over sized styles with rips and subtle graphics on it. For so long I have been eyeing all the sweaters from designers like Wild Fox, Top Shop and LF but haven’t come to terms with forking out the $80+ for a cute trendy sweater. I was recently shopping on Forever 21 and came across a sweater that I LOVE that it’s similar to a Wild Fox sweater I fell in love with.

Wild Fox Sparkle Sunshine Baggy Beach Jumper—–>

Wildfox Sweater For $108.00

Forever 21 Seeing Stars Sweater ——>

Forever 21 Sweater For $24.80

Do I make the splurge for a sweater with nicer material and will last longer or do I save since it’s a trendy piece that may possibly not be in next year?

What are your thoughts?

Splurge Or Save on Sweaters For Fall?

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