Sneakers Get Loud: How Music and Converse Go Together Like PB&J

So, basically Converse has the cutest shoes ever! Especially their new Rock Craft line — hello neon, platform & studded chucks, my heart is yours! Not only does Converse have versatile, always chic shoes, but they encourage you be loud and express yourself.

Converse has always been rooted in rock / alternative culture so I made this video about how I rock my converse and why I play music.

For me, absolutely nothing beats that feeling of playing a show. Perhaps for myself it’s a way to control the chaos inside my head – I turn my overdrive pedal on and my amp up and play what I hear and sing how I feel, and then it’s out – these things I don’t even tell my best friends. There’s something extremely special about singing your life to a room full of people, yelling so loud you can barely hear anything except the drums and distortion running through your entire body. It’s an all-encompassing, overwhelming feeling when you spot that stranger out of the corner of your eye, singing the words that you’ve struggled over, and they smile at you and you are completely connected.

As for style…well that’s just in my blood. I express myself through my clothes and my shoes, which is why I love how Converse has so many options. Check out my faves below from their Rock Craft collection: