Show Off Your First Day Of School Outfit To Be Featured

For me, the first day of school was always very exciting. I had my outfit prepared a week in advance and back to school shopping was at the top of my list, once August rolled around. Some people use the first day of school to launch a new look, reinvent themselves and turn the hallways to runways. Whether you liked school or not, you knew on the first day you’d be seeing all of your friends and you wanted to look your best.

So, what was your first day look? Share with me so I can post my Top 5 Favorites to be featured on Buzznet!

I know your moms still take pictures of you on the first day, so post away on Instagram, Buzznet Flash and sync to your twitter tagging #HallwayRunway @LisaRuocco @BUZZNET


Keep the #HallwayRunway photos coming until Friday September 6th and I will pick my top 5 favorites to be featured in my Buzznet blog!

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