It’s Shark Week But Sharks Are Gross

Actually, sharks are not gross. They are pretty amazing apex creatures that get a bad rap. Sure, they eat people sometimes but so do other people (I think that’s still a thing but I don’t actually know and I am way too lazy to Google). Also, hippos kill more people than sharks, so there.

Future murderer or cute baby hippo?

Sharks are inquisitive. When they want to find out what something is, they bump it a few times. Sometimes they bite things but you would too IF YOU DIDN’T HAVE HANDS.

Are these even sharks? IDEK what these are. Whatever. They’re kewt. Also, see how these two creatures are doing touches? Sometimes a female can can get preggers without a shark bro. That’s called parthenogenesis.

As sensational as shark attack newspaper headlines are, you’re more likely to be bitten by another person than a shark. Trust me, it’s happened to my hand.

Sharks have an amzing sense of smell. They can detect one drop of blood in an Olympic sized swimmin’ hole.

Sharks are voracious party animals (not rly)

Are you tired of learning facts that I found on the #SharkWeek page of Well, here are some fun things for you to look at:

Roomba Cat Shark Casing Baby Duck

They told me I could be come anything I wanted,

so I became a shark.

Happy Shark Week!